Known for its beautiful town square, Burnsville is also the county seat for Yancey County. At an elevation of 2,815 feet Burnsville enjoys beautiful vistas of Mt. Mitchell and 18 additional peaks within Yancey County that exceed 6300 feet. There are also over 100 miles of hiking trails and plenty of back roads to explore by bicycle, motorcycle or car.

Burnsville is fast becoming the destination of choice for that Blue Ridge Mountain vacation that is really is a vacation! Nearby attractions include Asheville's Biltmore House, Grandfather Mountain, and Wolf Laurel Ski Resort all of which are less than an hour's drive. You will find that you do not have to travel at all to enjoy natural beauty, easy pace and a taste of well preserved mountain life that is Burnsville.

With our maps and directions we have choosen the Yancey County Chamber of Commerce as a starting point. The Chamber has a great central location and information to aid you in an enjoyable visit to Burnsville and Yancey County. The information package request also goes to the Chamber.

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